Hair Care

Proper Hair Care Daily Routine

Author: Louise 

We all know how to shampoo and condition our hair. But what we ignore about hair care is some basic things which either we do not know or do not follow because we really do not give any importance to them. But these tips are here to improve your hair care routine. Check these out and improve your daily hair care.

For any type of hair cleansing, toning, conditioning, drying and brushing are to be maintained daily and carefully. If not you will surely face any kind of hair damages and problems regarding hair. So from this very time do not ignore one of your most valuable parts of body and have a fabulous and fantastic hair.

First of all you should choose a good hair product because different types of products are there available but for different type of hair problems. If you use a conditioner for your extra oily hear then it will do no good but the reverse. So if you use a wrong product for your hair it will be wasting and making your hair worse.

For shampooing use a shampoo which is perfect for hair, for example- if your hair is oily then use a non-oily shampoo, which is only for oily hair. Use rich shampoo with conditioner and moisturizer for your dry and coarse hair.

For normal hair use only a type of shampoo, which is mild, and with conditioner. Usually a mild shampoo with adequate conditioner is recommended for normal use. Herbal options are also available there. Greasy hair can be washed off by lemon and egg. Egg based shampoo is very good for hair. Shikakayee and henna based shampoo is also a good potion.

After cleansing you need some toning exercise. Toning is vital for proper blood circulation. With your finger pads or with fingertips but not with nails you can massage your scalp in a way like spider push-ups. It will give you a relaxing effect and helps in stimulating blood for better growth of your hair.

After the toning exercise you need to do condition your hair. It is a restorative action. If you use chemical products like perm lotions or you your hair become exposed to sun or your hair is so much want of oil and moisture then conditioning is a must to have. Most of the conditioners are made up off a combination of oils, waxes; emulsifiers etc. Herbal extracts like vegetable oils and plant oils are also now having a good demand. Dry hair needs it badly. Long dry hair needs it once a week, normal hair need it once a fortnight and oily hair need it once in a month.

Correct drying process is very necessary as it can harm your wet hair the most. Wet hair most vulnerable and can be damaged easily. So handle it carefully. The most natural way is wrap your wet hair with a towel and few minutes later open it as it will then remove the excess moisture of your hair. Do not rub and brush your wet hair. Comb it with a wide toothed comb.