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Eyebrows Threading at Home

There are several ways to remove extra hair from eyebrow and shape them. The popular ones are tweezing, waxing and threading. Ladies can get their eyebrows professionally threaded at beauty salons but knowing a way of eyebrows threading at home can be handy if you didn’t have time to go to salon.

The technique for eyebrows threading at home is quite common in Asia and was searching on the net for some video to go with my post. I came across a great eyebrow threading tutorial on youtube by the member Eily311. This tutorial is really good and with practice you too can thread your own eyebrows. So, here are some tips in addition to the tutorial video:

1. I recommend you to practice with your upper lips first before touching your eyebrows.
2. You can try different thicknesses of thread but I would recommend you to use thin cotton thread (from your sewing kit).
3. You can also adjust the size of loop. For some people the easiest method is to make the loop very small but generally a 20 to 24 inch thread is good for making the loop.
4. The top and sides of eyebrows are easier but underside is difficult for some people because they can’t hold the skin taut above the eyebrow arch and can’t grab the smaller hairs. So, opening your eyes big can make it easier.
5. Also, practice makes perfect! Don’t expect the same results as you would at a salon (at least until you can master it).